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Friends Only!

Hi there!

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY!

This isn't because I'm all that exciting but I do like to keep a few things private and where I know I've rambled on and on about things. ^_^

Please leave a comment here if you'd like to be added and maybe an introduction of sorts. Do we have things in common? Art? Music? Curiosity? Met me somewhere? You get the picture.


O_O How did that happen?


The next day

Hi everyone, thank you for all the love and concern. It's extremely appreciated. *hugs tight* I'll reply to things soon and catch up on LJ etc.

Anyway, the house... wasn't actually as bad as I feared. For once in the entire time that I've known him he showed some level of maturity. We were shocked. He did ransack my mom's room some more since there were old slides all over the place and more stuff knocked over and gone through. We're thinking he didn't do much more than that. Hope anyway.... it's hard to tell since the place is a mess with grime and dust and mice poo. Okay and dog poo and pee. It smells great let me tell you. x_x

The dogs... not so good. I told mom to be prepared to have to put them down. Tofu is 18. O_O She's deaf, blind and hobbling around. We're not sure if he did something to her hip or what. Teeny is relatively okay. She needs lots of TLC. Currently we're a bit at a loss for how we're going to do this. Guh.

There's so much to fix and clean. It's crazy bad. I want my mom to pretty much throw everything out. It's just nasty and so old. Not sure if she will though. She'll fight me on that one. The bathrooms are terrible. There's water damage through the house I think. One or two closest smell mildewy. There's a hole from upstairs to down stairs from the bathrooms because apparently he poked a hole to drain water from upstairs to downstairs? And now there's a bigger hole next to that. >_< WTF man! Also mom thinks the boiling is leaking. The washer may not work and is also probably leaking. T_T We will have to replace all the carpeting in the house and probably some of the flooring board in general. The two of us mostly just wandered through the house last night wondering where to start. Fucking hell.

Mrrr. Okay I have to not start freaking out about this again so... I have a few thanks and stuffs. ^_^

kikuko_kamimura HOLY SHIT GIRL!!!! I got all teary over my package of LOVE and SMEX there. yasu...just...wow. <3333 Thanks you so incredibly much for spoiling me rotten with his CDs. All three. T_T Black List is LOVE. Much love hon much love!

mspippen Thank you for wanting to do the basic training Jazzercise thing today. That rocked! Also thank you so much for keeping me smiling, happy and focused while we were there. I needed that. Lovelovelove. And DAMMIT! I keep spacing your presents! Grrrr!

sabs for being my sabs.

Jenn I miss you terribly! Thank you so much for your texts. I really wish you were here. Love you.

Thank you all for texts! They cheered me up so much. *smoochies to you peeps* I know I haven't chatted with a bunch of you in ages so I hope to catch up soonly. Thank you to Candy and Deanna for keeping me entertained while I'm at my desk with some chats too. ^_^ <3 Oh and kmsweetie haven't heard from you since the last email I responded to so I hope work hasn't killed you off. Hope it's bearable there. I know you freak out when stuff like that goes on. And hey what happened to that drunk guy you mentioned? Anyway, hope things are good for you since I haven't seen you or heard from you in a bit. Oh Jenn, we still need to mail Kev's present out to you guys. ^_^

Ah. Leaving this unlocked since there are people not on LJ mentioned and reading. Usually I lock everything for the f-list. ^_^;;; Habit I suppose.

I should go. We have tons of cleaning and sorting through today. I'm really not looking forward to this. I think I'll wear a mask and latex gloves. Ewww...

Love to everyone. Thank you for being here. *hugs tight*

Full of dread

Well so much for vegging at home tonight or much of this weekend. (when in hell am i going to draw?) We're heading down to mom's house. Step-dad has finally left and the lawyers have the keys. I'm seriously afraid to see what her house looks like now. I'm pretty sure that he's trashed the place once he found out he was losing the house in the divorce. He trashed it before when we went and locked up mom's stuff in her rooms. He broke the locks off the doors and went and ransacked the two rooms. Yeah...it was pretty.

We also found out that the dogs are there in the house. O_O It's not too bad if they have food and water and the garage is open for them but... I'm afraid he probably didn't do any of that. They're old too. I want to say Tofu is 17 or older and Teeny is probably 13? Both of them are Chow chows. So yeah, running down there tonight. I'm leaving work early and worked through lunch to do so. I'm really nervous about all this. For those of you who've met my step-dad and know all the dirty details... he's creepy to say the least. *hides*

I'll be changing the door locks tonight. We're also not taking my car in case step-dad is still hovering around. I really don't think my mom will deal well with this. I know she's expecting things to be terrible and I'm sure they will be. I don't think she's slept in two days either. I highly doubt she'll be able to spend the night down there too.

You know what? I have this fear that we'll be there tonight trying to get things into order and he'll show up at the house and shoot us all. Not a happy thought no but it's not out of his character. We're taking cameras down with us. Ugh. I'm hoping that I'm just over imagining things. However, I know how he can be. I know how he is and what he can do so yeah... I'm a bit scared. After all this, my mom wants me to see if I can open up my old case. I don't know if that's possible. I'm still a bit... peeved that she had me take it all back... guh.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm going to just chill with stuff right now. No sense in freaking out more over it than I am until I actually SEE what things are going on now.

I'll be available via my phone. Text me if ya need me. *love and hugs*



Meme that's been going around and around

Make your own album cover!
Here’s what you do: The article you get when you click this link is your band title.
The last four words of the last quote on this page is your album title (you will probably need to reload the page if you do more than one.)
And the third picture, the upper right hand, will be your cover photo.

Here's mine!

Band name: Hydrogen chloride
Album title: Begin to change places

*gurgle* I can't wake up!!! *clings to tea*


Color quiz!

Huh... stolen from seabold!


T_T I swear I typed in a bunch more that I'm sure are colors that are sitting right on my desk. Ah well, I think we perceive colors all differently anyway.

Enjoy! Post with more substance...later... maybe...


Please leave a detailed message...

Really...seriously... because now I'm totally confoozled. @_@

When I got home my mom tells me that someone called for me today...

Mom: Someone called for you today.
Me: Yeah? O_o;;; Who was it?
Mom: I don't know... some Mi.. Michelle? Mi-something something-ch-something...
Me: O_O... @_@ What?
Mom: Said it was *insert some Michelle like name here* with R..Rin? Ren? Some band I think you listen to? I've seen the name around the house...
Me: *boggled* Ren? LiN CLOVER? Ren? What? Band?
Mom: Yeah, some band you listen to...
Me: (I listen to a TON!!!) Uh... LiN CLOVER... Dir en grey? @_@
Mom: Something like that. You've seen them.
Me: LiN CLOVER or Dir en grey... O_O That... totally doesn't help. I need more info...
Mom: Well she said Michelle or something like that with Ren... in Florida.
Me: FLORIDA???!!!! I only remember one friend in Florida... and that's a guy...
Mom: Oh no.. not a guy. A girl... with Ren..Lin..Rin? Short message for you.
Me: W...wwhhhhaaaat? *beyond confoozled*
Mom: Maybe they'll call back?
Me: I hope so... and if they do, ask more details! And...wait... most people call my cell phone...
Mom: Short message. Just like that. M-someone with Ren in/from Florida....
Me: *brain explodes*

So umm...my dear f-list or anyone else reading this right now, if you called my house I STILL don't know who to call back or anything... because where some thing makes total sense... all of it TOGETHER makes NO sense to me at all. Please email/text/call my cell phone/call my home number and leave me a number to call or a very detailed message?


In the spam mailbox...

Cleaning out some spam in my gmail and this was one of them:

Colon Cleanse Samples!!! Flush your holiday feast away!